How to set up shipping rates by distance?


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To calculate shipping rates based on distance, the initial step involves obtaining the Google API key. Watch the following video for a demonstration on acquiring the Google API key.

Once you acquire the Google API key, kindly navigate to the advanced settings page and enter the API key there.

Check the video below for the tutorial of how shipping rates are calculated by distance.

1. To set a distance-based scenario, we first need to set the distance format in the Shipeasy settings page. here we are going to set the distance format to miles.

2. Add a scenario and give a name to the shipping rate. Here i am giving the name as "Shipping rates between 10-25 miles".

3. Scroll down to conditions and choose "All conditions must match" and give the condition as "Cart distance" between "10 to 25 miles".

4. Scroll down to shipping rates and click on "Add shipping rate" in the "International zone".

5. Give the name as "Local delivery" which will be the name seen by the customer.

6. Set the cart condition as "Cart distance" between 10-20 miles as $10 and 21-25 miles as $15.

7. Save the scenario.

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