How to set up shipping rates using zip code or UK post code?


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Checkout the video tutorial below.

Zip codes can be used to customize shipping rates.

There are various ways we can enter them in our conditions box.

  • Ship only to specific zip codes - Separate them using a comma. This will ship only to the specific zip codes. For example, 10001,10025,10055
  • Partial match - Add "*" after the characters to match the zipcodes. For example, 100* will match all the zip codes beginning with 100
  • Using a range - Use a ":" to read a range of zipcodes. For example, 10001:10099 will match all the zip codes within that range.

To use UK zipcodes, navigate to advanced settings and check the box "Enable UK zip code support".

Use underscore to denote space when using a UK zipcode. The zip code E1 7AA should be entered as E1_7AA.

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