How to setup Shipping rates using cart parameters?


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Checkout the video tutorial below.

1. Click on "Add Scenario" from Shipeasy settings. 

2. Give the Scenario name as "Cart Quantity of 1 to 25"

3. Now, here we are going to set two conditions.

    • Set the "Cart quantity between 1 to 25 items".
    • Set the "Cart weight as less than or equal to 500 grams".

4. Click on "Add shipping rate" for the International zone.

5. Give the "Shipping rate name" as "Standard shipping"

6. Scroll down and set the shipping rates.

7. Choose the condition as "Cart quantity" between " 1 to 25 items as $50.

8. Save the scenario.

Now, you can see that your scenario has been set with the above conditions.

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