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How can we setup a scenario?

Shipeasy offers a flexible and customizable solution for managing shipping rates based on individual store setup preferences. This adds value since it lets them customize their shipping rates based on predetermined standards.

Let's see how to set up scenarios in the Shipeasy settings page.

In the General segment, 

  • Provide a name for the shipping rates that we will establish.
  • Choose if this scenario should be enabled or disabled.
    Note: You can simply disable this scenario here if it is not needed to be applied on your checkout page.

Let's move to the Conditions segment.

Tailoring shipping rates to specific parameters like product type, weight, destination, cart value, cart total, or any other relevant information can improve customer satisfaction and cater to the individual needs of various clients. 

There are 3 different scenarios to apply a condition.

All conditions should match - Select this when all the conditions given in this segment should match while calculating the shipping rates.

Any condition should match - Select this if it is enough for any one condition to match while calculating the shipping rates.

None of the conditions should match- Select this if none of the conditions should match while calculating the shipping rates.

From the drop-down, we can see that the scenario can be set based on three different categories. 

  • Cart
  • Product
  • Customer

Check the below snippet to see the various options available to set a condition. By default, the cart quantity and equals are chosen.

The last segment on the scenarios page is Shipping Rates.

In this segment, we can set the shipping rates for each Shipping zone that we have created in our Shopify store. 

From the below image, we can see that, we can add shipping rates to two zones here, Domestic and International.

Note: If you want to add new shipping zones, navigate to your Shopify settings to add your zone and sync it.

Let's understand how each of the segment works in detail in our following sections.

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