How to set up shipping rates based on a customer?


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Checkout the video tutorial below.

Note: Customers using Shopify B2B feature will not be able to use the Customer scenarios.

Important: Whenever we use a customer-based condition, all the details entered in the customer account should exactly match the details provided on the checkout page. 

1. Go to "Customers" from your shopify account and click on the customer for whom you want set a unique rate.

2. Enter "specialrate" in the tags section of the customer.

3. Click on "save".

4. Click on "Add scenario" and give your scenario a name. Here it is "special shipping rate".

5. Set the condition "Customer tag equals Shipping rate"

6. Navigate to the 'International Zone' in the shipping rates section and set the shipping rate to $50 for the cart condition 'Cart quantity' for any number of items.

Save this scenario.

When this specific customer orders any number of items, their shipping rate will be only $50.

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