How to prevent Shipping Rate Doubling in Shopify?

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Why are shipping costs getting doubled in Shopify?

When fulfilling orders from multiple locations or warehouses in Shopify, you may encounter an issue where shipping rates double up during checkout.

This occurs because Shopify considers orders containing products from multiple locations/vendors/shipping origins as separate orders and applies shipping rates individually for each location, resulting in the total shipping cost being doubled.

How to Prevent this rate doubling?

To address this problem, Shipeasy offers two versions of a feature to "Prevent Rate Doubling" which aim to mitigate this issue.

But this option is available in the Smart and above plans of our app. Below are the instructions for each version:

Version 1:

1. Navigate to the advanced settings of our app.

2. Enable the "Prevent Rate Doubling" option.

3. Enter a flat shipping cost for your store.

4. Once enabled, this feature ensures that regardless of whether the order contains products from multiple locations, only this specified flat shipping cost will be applied during checkout.

Note: On activating this option, it will disable all other shipping scenarios and combined shipping methods that you set up.

Version 2:

1. This version of "Prevent Rate Doubling" includes specific scenario conditions and rates.

2. Currently, this option supports only flat shipping rates without tiered pricings, based on zip codes, distance, and state/province.

3. To enable this version, please reach out to us via chat, schedule a call, or email us at [email protected].

4. Our team will assist in activating Version 2 of "Prevent Rate Doubling" for your store, as it requires activation from our end.

By following these steps and selecting the appropriate version of the "Prevent Rate Doubling" feature, you can ensure that shipping rates do not double up during checkout, providing a smoother experience for your customers.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team. Message us at [email protected].

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