What can i do in advanced settings?

Products auto sync, enable UK zip code, enable fall back rate, Google API key, integrate pickeasy, appearance of delivery date


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Apart from the general settings, there are many other advanced settings in the app. 

The advanced settings page has three segments.

  • Advanced options
  • Integration
  • Appearance

Advanced options

  • Enable Products Auto Sync - Check this box for the products to sync automatically every 24 hours.
  • Enable UK Zip code support - Only if this check box is selected, your item can be shipped to UK. This is done because UK has an alphanumeric zip code. Example: SW1W 0NY, PO16 7GZ
  • Enable fallback rate - Check this box if you want to enable fallback rate. This means if none of the scenarios are matched for a shipment, the fallback rate is taken as the shipping rate. 
    From the below image, we can see that if the items in checkout does not match any scenario, it will automatically take the fall back rate of $10 as the shipping rate. This can be a fixed amount or can be calculated in percentage.

  • Google API key - Enter the google API key in this section, if you have set your scenario to calculate the shipping rates by distance.
    Click here to see how to get your google API key.
  • Distance- Travel Mode - Choose from the drop down if the distance has to be calculated for driving, walking, bicycling or transit. 


Enable integration with "Pickup Delivery Date - Pickeasy" app. Choose from the drop down if the rates has to be integrated with the Pickeasy app.


  • Time range label text (optional) - Specify a text here which should be seen at the checkout page. For example 2-3 business days can be changed to 2-3 working days.
  • Show delivery time as date - Check this box to show delivery date as the below chosen format. From the image below we can see that the default option of MM/DD/YY is chosen, which means the delivery date period will be shown as 11/02/2021 - 11/06/2021. 
    You can also exclude days that you don't want to deliver. Here we have excluded Saturday and Sunday.

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