What should I do if I see incorrect shipping rates or no shipping rates on the checkout page?


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The history section in the app provides valuable insights into how shipping rates are processed based on the scenarios you've configured.

By clicking on "details" against a specific order, users can access comprehensive information regarding the applied scenarios and parameters used in the shipping rate calculation process. 

Let's look into the details in this page.

  • History Id - Shows the Id number for this request.
  • Created date - Shows the day, date and time for this request.
  • Shipping address - Shows the shipping address of the customer.
  • Destination zone -  Shows the zone under which the given Country falls into.(Created by customer in Shipping zones)
  • Cart items - Shows the items in the cart with the product name, quantity, weight and price. We can also see the product tags if any, below the product. 

Moving to the right side of the page, let's start from below. 

  • Scenarios - Matched - This shows all the scenarios matched for the particular checkout.
  • Shipping Rates - This shows the shipping rates for each of the scenario matched for the above checkout.
  • Combine shipping rates - This shows the combine shipping rate, if created.
  • Final rate at checkout - This is taken from the general settings of the Shipeasy app. This depends on what we have chosen in the drop down. Refer the image below.

We can use the history page to see, if the shipping rates are right and if it matches the scenarios we have created. Usually when there is an error in the shipping rates, the history page is the first place for us to check.

Note: Shipeasy is only responsible to derive the shipping rates based on scenarios created, however the display seen at the checkout page is totally under the control of Shopify. 

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