How to combine shipping rates?


Last Update 7 months ago

Checkout the video tutorial below.

You can combine multiple shipping rates if you have different rates by product.

1.Navigate to the shipping rates section in scenario and click on add rate or edit for a specific zone.

2.Scroll down to see the combine shipping rates option and add a tag for the product.

Note: The combine shipping rate tag is different from the product tag. The product tag is seen in the product page whereas this combine shipping rate tag is set in the Shipping rates section of the scenario page.

3. Once done, navigate to the combine shipping rates tab from the shipeasy main navigation.

4.Click on Add combine shipping rate.

5.Fill in all the mandatory fields.

6.Also mention the tags, which has to be combined in the "Shipping rate tags to combine" section. 

7.In the rate calculation segment, select how you want to combine your rate (Sum, average, highest, lowest). Here it is highest.

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