What can i do in the products section of my app?


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The products section in the app is used to view the available products in the store with their product tag. 

  • This section can be used to view the products available in the store and it is primarily used to view the tags for every product.
  • When we add a tag and sync the product, we can check in this section if the specific tag has been synced with the product.

Customers in advanced Shopify plan can add dimensions to their product in this section.

Customers from the advanced Shopify plan, can just click on edit, adjacent to the product and add the required dimensions to their product.

We also have an "Export products" and "Import products" option in the main page.

The export products is used to put all the details into a CSV file which will be sent to the required Email ID. This can be downloaded and any changes to be made to the dimensions, can be made here in bulk and saved, rather than clicking on single product each time.

The import products is used to add the edited csv file to the products section. Specify an email ID to which the imported file will be sent and also specify the file location to import the data.

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